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The Title: I have the domain name THEHEARTOF.US. I named this blog “heart of us” because I intend at some point in my life to create a working Buddhist community site and this blog may become part of it.

The Blog:I have started this blog by collecting quotations from Buddhist sites and commenting on them (in most cases). I choose quotations that relate to me and my practice in some form. In time I intend the blog to become more of a journal of my personal experience of practice of Zen Buddhism.

My TeacherRuben Habito, founding Teacher of MKZC, received authorization to teach Zen by Yamada Koun in 1988, and was conferred the Zen Master’s name of Keiun (Grace Cloud). In his early twenties, Habito went to Japan in 1970 from his native Philippines and was ordained Jesuit priest in Tokyo in 1976. He then completed doctoral studies in Buddhism at Tokyo University, and taught at the Jesuit-run Sophia University. He continued Zen practice under Yamada, and in 1989 moved to Dallas to teach at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University where he continues to be a faculty member. He is married and has two sons.

Me: I am a 58 year old man currently living in Grand Prairie Texas. I have studied and practiced Zen Buddhism for years including a year in a monastery. However, I stopped practicing years ago and as a result my life has become a jumble and I am no longer so peaceful and loving This blog is a personal journal of my re-entry into Zen. Though I started it as a way to study Zen, I gratefully welcome comments and questions\


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